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Nov 8, 2010


Headshot Retouching 2

Headshot Retouching 1

DJ Nice

Gave DJ Nice the Obama treatment.  Photo colored over in Photoshop.


Great. White. Mammoth.  She likes ice cream. 

Zombie Metal Band!

The zombie power slide.  They're zombies from heaven, destroying demons with their ROCK

A few pencil drawings

I don't know how, when, or what, but this is what I'll look like moments before I meet my maker.

Not that he ever has, but he totally would. Jeremey.

There was an Ice Queen by the name of Fogo. 

It's the end of the world, what are you gonna do? Do like Lew, BUNKER DOWN!


This is what I did to a bank one time in Japan.

Wedding Crashers

My cousin Jess married Jason... Perhaps it's better we weren't there. Pencil sketches colored in Photoshop.  


Here's my buddy, Ryan.  He's in a band. 

Shady Banana

It's just a creepy banana, hangin out in an alley

Nov 6, 2010

Smell-Ay Sh!tness

I worked for a gym selling memberships for about 3 months... this was what it was like.  Photoshop.

Family Zombies!!