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May 21, 2011

New Section!

Soooo, I've added a new section to my blog!  Even better:  it's a NAUGHTY section!  Click the +18 link at the top to see all the stuff that I wasn't sure if I should show.  If you are easily offended, overly sensitive, or have no sense of humor.... how did you stumble upon my blog, and what are you still doing here?!  If those descriptions do not apply to you, enjoy the foul language and floppy man-parts.  Just remember, it's all in good fun.  Lighten up and smile. 

Oh, dear

So, if you've seen the movie Blood Diamond, you'll only be slightly confused by this.  If you haven't.... LOOK AT THIS CRAZY GUY.  THIS is where Djimon Hounsou's character was hiding the diamond in the jail scene.

I'm sorry, Grandma.

... But I'm also sure she's one of those laughing the loudest.  Because she has a sense of humor!!!  I don't know how this came to me, but over the years, it has always made people laugh out loud.  Even if I was going to try to explain this, it'd take more than 1000 words, so just enjoy the picture.

David Carradine might've been on to something....

Then again, this is a stinky way to get 'found.'

...Fool me twice...

I definitely have these moments.  You never feel too smart after them.

Satchel Pants

I worked at a place once upon a time.  It was pretty much like this.... Not like they'd make a reality show about it or anything.... wait.  Crap.  Artistically speaking, I really want to paint this.  It's gonna be a handful. 


Did you know that you can trace the human evolution back to when we were just invertebrates?


When I get hungry.... I can start to act.... like a big... BABY

Wisdom Teeth

Before and after the wisdom teeth were chiseled out of my head. 

May 18, 2011

Grandpa Cranky Flash Animation

Ok! So, I wanted to mess around in Flash.  Many of the ideas that fly through this cavernous head of mine are in 2D.  Basically, I dream in cartoon.  I've also discovered the awesomeness that is/was "Shorties Watchin' Shorties."  If you haven't seen, it is a hilarious animated show (from Augenblick Studios) about babies who watch tv.  Anyhoo, I love the style it's animated in, and wanted to do something like it.  This is a good start.  Learned a good amount.  Lookin' forward to more!

May 16, 2011

Zoo Trip

Some type of antelope, a zebra, and the slowest dog you've ever seen.

A koala bear, a monkey with a sweet mohawk, a bird who posed nicely, and a kangaroo!

A couple o' birds.
Assorted animals from the LA zoo.  I was a little hesitant at first, but once I got going I fell right back into rhythm.  I should've gotten the year pass!